September: Historically, the Worst Month for Stocks

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Did you know that the largest three one-day drops ever to have happened in Dow Jones’ history happened in the month of October? On the 19th of October 1987, Dow Jones fell nearly 23%, making that day the worst day in US stock market history. It was followed by the 24th and 29th of October, 1929, when Dow Jones fell… Read more »

Deep Risk vs Shallow Risk: William Bernstein’s Take

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Following the post I wrote about deep risk vs shallow risk, I went to Amazon and flipped through Bill Bernstein’s latest book “Deep Risk” to see if he feels the same way as me.

It turns out there is a lot that we agree on, but not everything.

Here’s where we see eye to eye: 1) our definitions of deep and shallow risks are almost the same: 2) we both see market fluctuation as a shallow risk and 3) we both see inflation as the #1 deep risk.

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